How much hair will I need?

To achieve a  full sew-in weave with our Luxurious Virgin Remy human hair, you would need approximately 8 to 10 ounces of hair. Our Bundles weigh 3.5 ounces. For shorter lengths styles We recommend buying 2 bundles of hair for lengths 10” to 18”.  We recommend 3 bundles for longer styles lengths 20″or longer.

Want a different look, looking to color?

Each Bundle is selected with delicacy to ensure 100% virgin human hair that has not been processed.  The hair  can be colored to achieve the style desired. When the bundle is color treated please note that the virgin hair quality is altered, therefore, no longer virgin. Maintaining colored hair is the essence of keeping the texture and quality. Be sure to deep condition the colored treated hair to keep the sheen and luster.  

How Long will the Hair Last?

Our strands our meant to be an investment with our customers. With proper hair care and maintenance, you can reuse the hair for 6 to twelve months. The texture on each bundle can be styled to achieve your look as long as you protect your investment!

Keeping Your Finesse Strands Luxurious



  • Prewash- When you order has arrived co-wash the hair with a conditioner.
  • Do NOT massage bundle when washing or co-washing, comb thru with a wide tooth comb, ensuring all the product is thoroughly thru each strand. Make sure to comb hair starting with the ends then slowly working towards the scalp
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water
  • When shampooing the hair use products that do not have sulfate or a ph of 7 or higher
  • Let the bundle air dry, this will ensure the natural texture


How to UPKEEP YOUR Hair Finesse Bundle:

Make sure to use minimal heat on the hair. Styling products that do not leave residue or buildup works great with our delicate strands.                                                                    

To keep wavy and curly textures, use a spray bottle with water mixed with a  little conditioner and coconut oil (my personal trick) and the strands will provide  the exotic look you desire.

For a dewy look, leave the curly strands in a deep conditioner and water. Whether you want the tight curly or loose curl look, each of our bundles can conform the curls with products such as wands or even with natural methods like Scrunching twisting or braiding the hair.

Each bundle will give you the style you desire, Choice is Key Level up with HAIR FINESSE BY LALA.


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